pch sent a postcard with their www.pch.com/w78 site and there is no registration page to enter the authorization code.It is a scam.

I tried all the different sites they have listed....nothing. Why do they even send these bogus cards? I have received mailings even after I did not respond to some mailings and even though they say if you don't you will be taken off the mailing list, I still got stuff. They sent the same contest stuff to me in my maiden name and previous married name....get 2 chances to win...noting.

That doesn't seem legal. I think the whole thing is a scam.

I ordered and paid for a magazine and never got it and had no way to do anything about it.Everything leads nowhere.

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Can you please send me card thanks









address is 245 southpark st. apt. 110

madison,wi 53715



Oct.31,2012 1560 Colony RD Pasadena Md. 21122 Card PCH 11

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