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I look at the winners on the bottom of my screen and I see the same people winning gift cards all the time.I actually have a list written down of the same people.

I don't understand how I submit 20 entries all the time for the $500.00 Walmart giftcard but nobody wins anything over $100.00. Now, I'll tell you the really sad part, PCH does not care, all of our postings are not read once that's why the people that win scratch cards, games, etc complain about not receiving their winnings. I think we should turn the tables, play games but don't submit, in other words use PCH only for what their good for, pure entertainment. I have over 300,000 tokens and I have no plans to redeem them because I'm sure I will not win.

Notice the commercials always show the same people? I wish we can get this on the news and put PCH on the spot to here their silly responses and excuses. Why would you give somebody falshopes?

PCH is a siiick organization!!!!Sombebody with the initilials in yor town bla bla bla bla!

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they were already investigated back in the 90's for stuff like that.

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