I have to agree with others on this- PCH must have sent out millions of postcards which say to go to www.pch.com/w78 and "on the special registration page, follow the entry instructions using the authorization code assigned to you below". There is no place to enter the code, but they try to sell you their items.

I did order from them before and received an inferior product, wrote and complained about it, ask for a refund but never heard a word. I have received the same mailings from them year after year---just wonder if the prizes really are awarded.

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no se como entrar el code


Why couldn't I do this by the phone system?


PCH used to be a company that sold magazine subscriptions with the incentive of a chance to win millions of dollars. They are still in business but now the big envelope you receive is stuffed with junk for you to buy, etc.

and still the same millions of dollars to be won. If you go to their website, make sure you delete your cookies from your computer and run a spyware scan also. If you gave them your email address or your name and address, you will no doubt to on who knows how many spammer lists.

I suspect they sell your info to others. Best to just throw their envelopes in the trash, unopened.

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