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Update by user Feb 11, 2013

Pissedconsumer was mailed a letter stating I was incorrect in assuming PCH games malfunctioned, I have requested nicely that these posts be deleted, but yet chooses not to do so,why I have no idea, I guess everyone beware if you make a mistake posting anything, pissed consumer will not allow you to remove it, and we are to believe they are on the consumers side, baloney!

Update by user Jan 24, 2013

I already thought I posted a new response, Publishers Clearing House told me about how the paylines worked, so I was in error, everyone please disregard this post, as I have emailed pissedconsumer to remove them.

Update by user Nov 02, 2012

followup did receive a reply email stating the following

Thank you for directing this screen shot to the email address we provided. We have received and reviewed the screen shot regarding the bonus inquiry. However, please be aware that the \'Bonus\' symbols need to land on the middle line in order to count as part of the 3 needed to unlock the bonus round. Bonus symbols appearing above and below the middle line do not count.

Well i\'m sorry but this was never explained when you click on the paytable as a matter of fact on the front of the games screen it simply says collect 3 bonuses for bonus round, there is no mention of the bonus squares have to land only in the middle, maybe they shoulde explain this more clearly.

Update by user Nov 02, 2012

Before i sent the screen pic,this was the email i sent first.

Hi my name is Jeffery Hart I was playing your new jungle slot game at, while spinning i received 1 golden bonus that went to the first slot on the bottom, then i spun again, and received 2 more golden bonus squares in the first 2 panels, and they did not go to the bottom to join the other one, if the game had played correctly it should have triggered a bonus round, instead it said the game was out of spins, and a different game proceeded to load giving no bonus round, this was definitely a malfunction in the game, and i feel i should have a chance at my bonus round that was wrongly not given to me. response was:

Unfortunately, we do not have any record of you winning. If you can provide any additional information or screenshots regarding this incident then we will look into it further. We apologize for any concern this may have caused.

Should you ever notice anything odd while playing our games in the future, please send us a screen shot attachment as visual confirmation of a bug you received to This will enable us to identify the problem and more quickly respond to you.

I did what they requested and sent them a screen shot, and have still heard nothing from them, i think they owe me an explanation.


Jeffery Hart

Original review posted by user Nov 02, 2012

Hi i submitted a screen capture while playing at, the game was aztec wilds

according to the rules of their game you are supposed to receive a cash bonus around after

collecting 3 bonuses, well i sent a captured screen showing i has spun and had 3 bonus squares

on the reels, however the game never went into the bonus round, it just proceeded to load a different new game, when sent this information to customer service, my emails have received no response,it's like they are blowing me off, if doesn't want to play fair by their own rules, then they should stop advertising the games.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Please disregard this post Review #: 356202

I was in error judging the game result, I have emailed pissedconsumer to remove all postings under this review.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #598159

Dude, seriously? Have you never played a game of slots in your life?

It is completely common sense that the "middle" line pays --- the other two lines aren't even fully on the screen.

If you're unable to figure that out, you simply need to stop playing games.



:cry I have been ordering for years now. I have been playing the games for a long time .

Not won anything yet! I am about ready to quit also!

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