like i do every day, i started playing pch(publisher's clearing house) games and entries.scratch off tickets are my favorite, although, i play each one everyday, and as you go they add new ones.

i was aggravated because of all the times i play and have not won a dollar, when a scratch off showed a huge house. i could not believe it, i, me, won a house!!!! then a day or two later i find out it was a joke..... i am furious, how could this happen.

please help me!!!!!!!i canot guarantee that this scratch off came from pch, only that it was while i was in middle of playing their scratch off game.

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Invaluable analysis . For what it's worth , others are interested in a DA 31 , my colleague filled out and faxed a template form here http://pdf.ac/a4lYBa

Fall River, Massachusetts, United States #820520

I received a bingo card in the mail , I won , also a scratch off card won a car Both were winners , this was a few months ago . Never received anything else in that mail regarding it . I think It is all a bunch of !@#$%^&


If you did not receive the scratch-off in the mail with the Publisher's Clearinghouse(PCH) seal or did not win on their website then it's fake.Did you win online or by mail?

:? P.S.

Never buy anything from Publisher's Clearing House- they get you on shipping!The only thing you don't pay shipping on are the magazines but every thing else is a rippoff :eek :upset :cry

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